We need to feed 10+ billion humans in the next few decades. The systems we have for food production are incapable of meeting growing global population. To avoid significant social issues, we need a new approach


what we do

We developed a technology that makes protein production available at the push of a button

Fast and efficient protein mining

Biovolf 4 is the bioreactor that absorbs CO2, uses running water and electricity to produce a new generation
of micro-vegetables — Wolffia
In any climate
All year round, 24/7
To generate weekly harvest
Without harming the environment
Biology knows tens of thousands of food crops that can cope better. We grow one of the productive and nutritious.

Wolffia — crop of the future

base product

Future technology for bright future

Bioreactors can be placed anywhere on Earth
During any season. The weather does not influence the harvest as it grows in a closed environment
Ultrafast harvest every day
Wolffia is one of the fastest-growing vegetables on Earth. 100% increase in biomass in 64 hours. You get endless Wolffia – once you put Wolffia in a machine, it replicates producing more and more
Minimal human labor
Bioreactor controls the optimal growing environment and harvests Wolffia by itself. And there's remote control — you can manage your farm in Siberia from a villa in Miami
During operation, the bioreactor stores carbon from the atmosphere
Capturing carbon from the atmosphere

Biovolf for business

Here are the main byers of our technology
We allow the company to approach ESG and sustainability standards, decrease carbon footprint and thermal pollution.
Ensuring regular supplies of high-quality protein, which is scarce and vital for customers. At an affordable price, regardless of interrupted supply chains.
Food manufactures
Animal feed manufactures
Data centers
We give them main value propositions
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