Biotech company
with global impact

We are a Singaporean company, starting in Asia, and within 3 years we will start distributing our technology through partners around the world

about us

what we do

Our technologies can provide safe and healthy food for hundreds of millions of people in international markets. And also up to 40% of the diet for 30 billion farm animals: poultry farming, aquaculture, cows, pigs.

Towards a sustainable future

Our mission is to make agriculture highly efficient and environmentally friendly, based on the achievements of science and high-tech.
Ensuring peace and prosperity for people and the planet in accordance with Sustainaible Development Goals
Environmental respect
Elimination of hunger
Responsibility for people
and the planet
Less water, land and energy inputs. Less carbon emissions per tonne. No pesticides and toxic chemicals.
Protein production with our technology will help reduce the number of hungry people in the world

Meet the team

our team
Ilya Paraushkin
Sets narratives
Victor Yakovlev
Katerina Antonevich
Vsevolod Gruvman
Elena Aster
Sergey Danko
Mohammed Hassanein
director of engineering
Alex Gusev

Intellectual property

Our proprietary cultivation design
We hold a range of IP rights defining a construction layout for sustainable and efficient Wolffia cultivation. More are coming.

We are open to partnership